Queen of versailles. Documentary review 30th October 2015

THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES- Directed by Lauren Greenfield

The queen of Versailles is a great documentary in many aspects; In terms of content, is an amazing piece of work. The idea was simple: Filming a mega-rich family and their dream home. The most interesting thing about it, is the unexpected turn of events: Financial crisis, and how David seagull try to keep his dream. Personally, I don’t feel sorry at all for them.

About technical & Professional aspects:

In My opinion this documentary is a great piece of work in terms of shots, editing and composition.

The shots are so dynamic and well compose with the perfect lighting. The editing job is brilliant and catch the eye from the very first shot. I like the variety of shots, different locations and how to describe a billionaire luxury life and turn down in to a tragedy.

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