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Bridge to business inspire event 2016

Wednesday, 27/4/2016 Last Wednesday, was the Bridge to business 2016 event in the M citizen hotel, Glasgow. I ‘ve arrange that filming job last month, when my lecturer Andreas Johnson told me about it, then I contact Sukie Grewall for … Continue reading

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Spaniards in Cumbernauld update 22/04/2016

My documentary stills go on. I filmed more than 40% and I arrange a few interviews for next week. The editing job has begun too.

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Documentary ” Spaniards in Cumbernauld” 31/04/2016

31/04/2016   Yesterday, I  started to filming my documentary for my grade unit ” Spaniards in Cumbernauld”. My first sequence was in a Spanish couple’s house, in Carbrain, Cumbernauld. Basically, I started to film in their house, interview etc.. The … Continue reading

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XMRV “Stay hollow” Music video


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