About me

Hello and welcome to Random frames Company blog. My name is Tomas Gozalves a professional and experienced broadcast Cameraman and Video editor who runs Random frames productions.

 Random frames produces a wide range of corporate videos for several companies weddings, concerts, celebrities, news corporate and other live events. 

With more than thirteen progressive years of industry work experience, my most recent job is as Cameraman and Video Editor for a few companies in Glasgow and RTVV(Canal 9), a Spanish regional channel, where I produced live news, coverage News, incidents, sports, documentary and live studio. Included in this capacity I am a Final Cut Pro and Premiere editor who has editing  commercials and Viral for a wide range of brands and agencies in the UK and Spain. Most of my experience is related to the TV industry but I have also work in a variety of filming jobs such short movies, events, corporate,TV and website adverts and many more. My knowledge includes a wide range of industry based skill like advanced broadcast camera techniques, lighting, sound and advanced edition.

So, If you are thinking to have an affordable and professional video for promoting your company, Random Frames is the company!

See you soon!!