My own review of Bridge to business event

Bridge to business asked me for a feedback of their last event, which I was filming, and then they publish my words. Here is the link:

Bridge 2 Business Westside Inspire 2016 Event

It was a pleasure to work with bridge to business. It was a well organised event, the staff was wonderful and really friendly , specially Sukie Greewall.

I would like to do more videos for them in  the future and Im so glad to done this Job for bridge to business.

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Bridge to business inspire event 2016

Wednesday, 27/4/2016

Last Wednesday, was the Bridge to business 2016 event in the M citizen hotel, Glasgow.

I ‘ve arrange that filming job last month, when my lecturer Andreas Johnson told me about it, then I contact Sukie Grewall for further details.

We used two cameras (canon 60D & JVC HM100) we capture footage of various students networking, mingling with one another, guest speakers presenting, footage of mini workshops getting held, market stall holders, and in general the event looking at its busiest.

The editing ins not finish yet (Im busy with college stuff) but It will be a brief clip about the whole event for their website.

I’ll update this journal once the editing job is done.

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Spaniards in Cumbernauld update 22/04/2016

My documentary stills go on. I filmed more than 40% and I arrange a few interviews for next week. The editing job has begun too.

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Documentary ” Spaniards in Cumbernauld” 31/04/2016



Yesterday, I  started to filming my documentary for my grade unit ” Spaniards in Cumbernauld”.

My first sequence was in a Spanish couple’s house, in Carbrain, Cumbernauld. Basically, I started to film in their house, interview etc.. The main shots were in the living room and the kitchen. The next sequence will be outside on their daily task like shopping, walking etc..

Also, I filmed some complementary shots of different areas of the town for introduce the documentary….

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XMRV “Stay hollow” Music video


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Music video- Barbary coast ” Cold shoulder”


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29/1/2016. Creating a Showreel.

Is not a easy job to create a successful showreel. Nowadays, there are to much competence outside in the market, and this is a really thought industry and therefore, is a hard job to create a proper showreel.

Here is an example of my old showreel:!my-videos/galleryPage

I chose the follow showreel, because I think that is a great example that how a good camera/editor has to be in terms of TV/Corporate productions.

About the showrell itself, is a good example  in terms of structure ( divided in parts/ different types of work), Music and Shots quality. Shots are really important with the showreel because they are your presentation to the potential employers. Always is better the quality instead of quantity.

Have a look:


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